Disneyland Trip Details


Hello Disney Go-er!!

Our Disneyland trip is right around the corner. I hope you are excited! This letter contains all the important
information regarding the trip!

Arrive at the PORT (Youth Building) at 7am on Friday November 11, 2016. Please make sure you're on time, we want to get an early start.  If for some reason, you are NOT riding on the bus please tell Amy ASAP amy@3crosses.org

If you have a remaining balance the remainder will be due on Wednesday, November 2nd! Please make sure you bring your remaining balance to the student ministries office ASAP

What to Bring:

    * Sleeping bag, pillow (you might want to bring a pad to sleep on since we are sleeping on the floor)
    * Toiletries (shampoo, towel etc.)
    * Bible
    * Comfortable clothing, sweatshirt and shoes because we will be in the park all day.
    * Spending money for 2 fast food meals (one on the way down and one on the way home) and 2 meals in the park (lunch and dinner). For food we recommend around
    $50-$60. You will also need to bring extra money if you want to buy souvenirs.
What NOT to Bring:

    * Electronics (cell phones are okay because we will use them throughout the day in the park).
    * Weapons
    * Anything valuable (they always get stolen or lost, so it is not worth it).
    * For the safety of everyone, we reserve the right to search anyone's luggage at any time

Trip Overview:

On Friday we will drive down south to EV Free Fullerton Church, which is where we will be staying.
We will have dinner and chapel once we arrive. We will spend all day Saturday in the park and return to EV
Free Fullerton around midnight. We'll get some sleep and then head home early Sunday morning. We plan on
arriving back at 3Crosses around 3pm on Sunday.  We will have kids call you once we get to Livermore area to let you know we are almost home.

20/20 students will be in groups of 5 with a chaperone the entire time we are at Disneyland.

If your child has a cell phone, make sure they sign up for the Disneyland Text message line. You can find the link in your confirmation email or on our webpage www.students.3crosses.org/disneyland. Some cell phones require that you Opt in to this group message.  Please make sure your child has replied to any text messages asking you to opt in.  

If you need to contact us for any reason during our trip please call or text 619-663-4214.  Charles, Ryan Gee, Ryan Suzuki or Amy will pick up on that number. See you Friday, November 11th at 7am.

If you have any questions before we leave please contact Amy at 510-537-4690 x234 or email her at amy@3crosses.org.

See you soon,
Student Ministries Staff


Middle School Text line


High School Text line

Collage Text line

Leader Text Line

Parent Text Line


Tentative Schedule



Kids arrive: 7am
Leave: 8am
Lunch: TBD
Arrive at EV Free: hopefully between 5:00 pm and 6:00pm
In and Out: 6:00pm-7:30pm
Worship and Message: 8-10pm
Cookie bar and desserts: 10pm
Lazar Tag for College: 10:15pm
Lights Out: 12


Wake UP: 6am
On Bus: 7;45am Grab breakfast as they get on bus
Disneyland: 9am- midnight
Start busing back to church: 10:30pm until after midnight
Bed: Immediately because who isn't exhausted


Wake Up: 6:30am
Leave Church: 7:30am
McDonalds: 8am
Get Home: hopefully around 3-4 pm