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Middle School & High School Summer Camp

Theme: Forsaken

Too often we find our identity and worth in things other than the Lord. We choose not to obey or to fear the Lord but rather to serve whatever satisfies our desires. This summer we will examine the life of King Saul. Although, he was a man anointed by God, he chose to fear people and serve himself. Do our lives mimic his tragic downfall or will we reverently fear the Lord and desire to serve Him faithfully day in and day out?

This summer, our desire is for students to walk away from this week, desiring to fear the Lord and to serve Him faithfully with their lives.

“Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you.” (NIV)

July 16-22 2017

Speaker: Brad Bell

Band: The Eagle and Child

Spirit Day: Princes and Paupers, Fairy Tales and Fables

Get together with a few friends or your whole cabin and come dressed as your favorite childhood fable, magical fairy tale or medieval character!

Colors: Red and Turquoise


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