Frequently Asked Questions


Where is camp?

Hume Lake Christian Camps which is in the Sequoia national Park.  High School students attend Ponderosa and Middle School students attend Meadow Ranch.

When is camp?

July 16-22, 2017 it is the same week of camp for Middle School and High School students.

What does it cost?

$595 (We know it's a lot & we have ways to help you out) Price includes transportation, meals, lodging, program, and recreation T-shirt. Extra activities such as paintball and high ropes course are available at additional cost.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes we will have a payment plan.  The best way to utilize the payment plan is to sign up early and spread the payments out over the next 5 months.

Initial deposit of $75

$130 Due March 26th

$130 Due April 23rd

$130 Due May 21st

$130 Due June 18th Final Payment Due

You can choose to have your card automatically charged on these pre-selected dates or you can choose to be Manual Monthly Payments With manual payments, the installment dates and amounts due are the same as with the Automatic Monthly Plan, however, you would need to log in to your account to pay or bring cash or check to Amy in the office.  You can also choose to pay in full when you register.

If you sign up after March 26th your payment plan will be calculated as a percentage with the dates that are left

How do I register?

Registration will begin February 26th 2017 at 12:30. You can sign up online or if you are paying with cash or check we will be in the Port from 12:30 -2 pm You can sign up online by visiting $75 deposit is required to sign up. Your child will not be on our list until the $75 has been paid. We are encouraging everyone to sign up online if they are paying by credit or debit card.  We will be available in the port if you have any questions or need help, however, the wait time for you to get signed up may be longer than in years past.

If my child can't go can we get our money back?

If you know you can't go it is better to cancel sooner than later. If you cancel AND we are NOT able to fill your spot then you are required to pay a $75 cancellation fee.  If you cancel and we can fill your spot you can receive a full refund.

My child is entering Jr. High or High School for the first time. Which camp do they attend?

By the fall of 2017 Students ENTERING 6th through 8th grade will attend Middle School camp (Meadow Ranch). Students ENTERING 9th through 12th grade will attend High School camp (Ponderosa).

My child is graduating 12th grade this year. Can they go to camp?

Graduating seniors are NOT able to join us for summer camp. However, our college group sometimes goes to Hume Lake at the end of summer.

When is the last day to sign up?

The last day to sign up is when we run out of spots. When we run out of spots we will have a waiting list available. It is very hard for us to get extra spots.  The sooner you sign up or get on the waiting list the better your chances are to go.

I can't afford the whole cost of camp. What can I do?

You can apply online for a campership. Campership applications will only be accepted through June 20th 2017. If your application is approved we will adjust your balance for the amount you receive. You can also raise money by selling candy or participating in our fundraiser.

How do we get to camp?

We'll be taking buses or rental vans/suv's  to Hume Lake. We usually take about 5 buses total.

HOW DOes Paintball and High Adventure work?

We collect payment for Paintball and/or High Adventure prior to our students leaving for camp.  We do this to get the money in the counselors hands before we head to camp.  If you pay for Paintball and/or High Adventure in advance, your students counselor will have their money and sign them up when we get to camp.  The sign up times are chosen by the counselor and are subject to the availability when he or she gets to the sign up table.  Once your student is signed up there is no refund policy also If your student decides not to show up for his or her allotted time, they will not get a refund.  

How much spending money does my child need to bring?

Hume Lake recommends $40-$50. You will also need money for stopping for lunch on the ride there and lunch on the ride home.

How do I send a letter or package to my child?

Please send five days prior to desired delivery date. Address the letter EXACTLY as follows:

For High School Campers

    Ponderosa July 16-22 2017
    Camper Name - 3Crosses Castro Valley
    64144 Hume Lake Road
    Hume, CA 93628

 For Middle School Campers

    Meadow Ranch July 16-22 2017
    Camper Name - 3Crosses Castro Valley
    64144 Hume Lake Road
    Hume, CA 93628


Students can raise money 3 ways

1) Selling Candy

We encourage students to sell boxes of candy to help with the cost of camp.  Students must check out a box of candy with Amy in the office or with a leader on Tuesday or Wednesday nights.  Candy boxes have 30 pieces of candy in it. The cost for each piece of candy is $30 for every box of candy sold your child will receive $12

  • Please make sure that your child is turning in $30 for every box (we get a lot of boxes that don't have $30 in it)
  • Make sure your child's name is on the bag of money (no name no credit)
  • no more than 2 boxes of candy can be checked out at a time.
  • We will add $18 to your camp balance for every box that has not been turned in. 

Feel free to contact with any questions or if you wish to get a balance update

2) Beginning of Summer Fundraiser

One Sunday in June we will have a fundraiser, Students must be there that day in order to earn money to go towards camp. Date is TBA

3) PIzza Fundraisers

We will have several pizza fundraisers from early February to June.  A student can earn $50 for helping with these events.  Students MUST  participate the entire time slot to receive full the full $50. The pizza fundraisers are only available to students going into the 9th -12th grade.