All Students are required to turn in a trip waiver form.  Help speed up the check-in process by filling out your form now.

Students Name *
Students Name
Waiver *
This acknowledges that my child has permission to participate in the above activity. To the best of my knowledge, this child is healthy and fit for an active program. I acknowledge that there may be inherent possibility of risk, and agree to hold harmless 3Crosses, its employees and volunteers for any loss, damage, injury, disease, or death which results from this activity. In case of an emergency, and I cannot be reached, I hereby give my permission to the licensed health care provider selected by 3Crosses to secure medical treatment including hospitalizations, injections, anesthesia or surgery as may be deemed necessary for the child listed above. I also understand and agree that I am responsible for all expenses incurred in the event of an emergency.
If possible, please give us a Cell #. We will use that number to contact you via text message if there is any important information you need to know (i.e. if we run into traffic on the way home from camp, we will send you a text message letting you know what time we will arrive back at church)