Everything you need to know about WINTER CAMP!


We are so excited that you will be joining us this year for Winter Camp 2017! Below is all the information you should need to know about Hume Lake and what our weekend together will be like.

That's IT is this years theme. In a couple sentences in Mark 12:29-30, Jesus took the entirety of the 613 Levitical laws and beautifully pared them down to these two: Love God and Love Others. That is the great commandmentÖ plain and simple. In a world of increasing doubt and indecisiveness, what would it look like if we loved God with ALL of our hearts, souls, minds and strength? What if we loved our neighbors as much as we love ourselves? In the second half of verse 31 Jesus says ìThere is no other commandment greater than theseî and from that sentence comes our theme title: ìThatís it!î Itís as if Jesus was saying to the Scribe who approached him ìfocus on these, thatís it!î Our desire this winter is to learn how to love God and love others with ALL that we areÖ Thatís it!

Included in this letter you will find Hume Lake's winter camp packing list as well as their activities price sheet. Please take a look at those so you are prepared for camp. 


You will need to be at the Port Lounge at 3Crosses at 7am on Friday, January 13, 2017. It is important that you arrive on time. If you are late we might leave you behind! 


Drop your luggage off in the designated area. Get in line at the PORT to check in and make sure all your paperwork is done. Have a parent stay with you until you are all checked in. If you're missing anything, a parent will need to be there to complete the paperwork or to complete what you are missing.  


You will need to turn in ALL prescriptions and/or over the counter medication you are bringing. This means you need to make sure they aren't packed in your bag. This includes everything from prescription medication to Advil, to Tylenol. 


We will return to 3Crosses between 3pm and 4pm on Monday, January 16, 2017. We will have the kids call you when we get to the Livermore area. 


If you need to reach us for any reason please call Hume Lake Christian Camps and they will get the message to us. Their number is 559-305-7770. 


    Ice Skating - FREE

    Tube Run - FREE

    Snowboard Run - (We have everything you need to have fun!) - FREE

    TATONKA our Mechanical Buffalo - FREE

    Archery Tag (weather permitting) - FREE

    Good 'ol fashion Snowball Fight - FREE 

    Optional Tournaments (ping-pong/foosball/8-ball) - FREE

    Jewelry/Craft -  about $5-10

    Lazer Tag - $5 per session

    The Giant Swing - $3 per jump

Broom Hockey Tournament - FREE

Boxsled Blitz - Free

** We recommend students to bring $25-$50 spending money for snacks and activities. We will also be stopping for lunch on the way down and on the way home at fast food. **


Expect the weather to be cold during the day and very cold in the morning and evening. 

*warm, modest clothing (no spaghetti straps, no midriffs showing, no sagging)

*warm jacket

*Hat and gloves


*Comfortable athletic shoes

*warm pajamas

*sleeping bag




*pen or pencil

*note pad



*Camera (optional)

*spending money for activities and snacks ($25-$50 recommended). 

*You will also need money for lunch on the way to and form camp


*** What not to bring: Alcohol, drugs, cell phone (there is no cell phone reception at Hume), Ipods, cd players, radios, tvs or computer games, knives, firearms, fire works etc. ***